Job Chapter 27 אִיּוֹב

א                  וַיֹּסֶף אִיּוֹב, שְׂאֵת מְשָׁלוֹ; וַיֹּאמַר. 1 {S} And Job again took up his parable, and said:
ב  חַי-אֵל, הֵסִיר מִשְׁפָּטִי;    וְשַׁדַּי, הֵמַר נַפְשִׁי. 2 As God liveth, who hath taken away my right; and the Almighty, who hath dealt bitterly with me;
ג  כִּי-כָל-עוֹד נִשְׁמָתִי בִי;    וְרוּחַ אֱלוֹהַּ בְּאַפִּי. 3 All the while my breath is in me, and the spirit of God is in my nostrils,
ד  אִם-תְּדַבֵּרְנָה שְׂפָתַי עַוְלָה;    וּלְשׁוֹנִי, אִם-יֶהְגֶּה רְמִיָּה. 4 Surely my lips shall not speak unrighteousness, neither shall my tongue utter deceit;
ה  חָלִילָה לִּי,    אִם-אַצְדִּיק אֶתְכֶם:
עַד-אֶגְוָע--    לֹא-אָסִיר תֻּמָּתִי מִמֶּנִּי.
5 Far be it from me that I should justify you; {N}
till I die I will not put away mine integrity from me.
ו  בְּצִדְקָתִי הֶחֱזַקְתִּי, וְלֹא אַרְפֶּהָ;    לֹא-יֶחֱרַף לְבָבִי, מִיָּמָי. 6 My righteousness I hold fast, and will not let it go; my heart shall not reproach me so long as I live.
ז  יְהִי כְרָשָׁע, אֹיְבִי;    וּמִתְקוֹמְמִי כְעַוָּל. 7 Let mine enemy be as the wicked, and let him that riseth up against me be as the unrighteous.
ח  כִּי מַה-תִּקְוַת חָנֵף, כִּי יִבְצָע;    כִּי יֵשֶׁל אֱלוֹהַּ נַפְשׁוֹ. 8 For what is the hope of the godless, though he get him gain, when God taketh away his soul?
ט  הֲצַעֲקָתוֹ, יִשְׁמַע אֵל--    כִּי-תָבוֹא עָלָיו צָרָה. 9 Will God hear his cry, when trouble cometh upon him?
י  אִם-עַל-שַׁדַּי יִתְעַנָּג;    יִקְרָא אֱלוֹהַּ בְּכָל-עֵת. 10 Will he have his delight in the Almighty, and call upon God at all times?
יא  אוֹרֶה אֶתְכֶם בְּיַד-אֵל;    אֲשֶׁר עִם-שַׁדַּי, לֹא אֲכַחֵד. 11 I will teach you concerning the hand of God; that which is with the Almighty will I not conceal.
יב  הֵן-אַתֶּם כֻּלְּכֶם חֲזִיתֶם;    וְלָמָּה-זֶּה, הֶבֶל תֶּהְבָּלוּ. 12 Behold, all ye yourselves have seen it; why then are ye become altogether vain?
יג  זֶה, חֵלֶק-אָדָם רָשָׁע עִם-אֵל;    וְנַחֲלַת עָרִיצִים, מִשַּׁדַּי יִקָּחוּ. 13 This is the portion of a wicked man with God, and the heritage of oppressors, which they receive from the Almighty.
יד  אִם-יִרְבּוּ בָנָיו לְמוֹ-חָרֶב;    וְצֶאֱצָאָיו, לֹא יִשְׂבְּעוּ-לָחֶם. 14 If his children be multiplied, it is for the sword; and his offspring shall not have bread enough.
טו  שְׂרִידָו, בַּמָּוֶת יִקָּבֵרוּ;    וְאַלְמְנֹתָיו, לֹא תִבְכֶּינָה. 15 Those that remain of him shall be buried by pestilence, and his widows shall make no lamentation.
טז  אִם-יִצְבֹּר כֶּעָפָר כָּסֶף;    וְכַחֹמֶר, יָכִין מַלְבּוּשׁ. 16 Though he heap up silver as the dust, and prepare raiment as the clay;
יז  יָכִין, וְצַדִּיק יִלְבָּשׁ;    וְכֶסֶף, נָקִי יַחֲלֹק. 17 He may prepare it, but the just shall put it on, and the innocent shall divide the silver.
יח  בָּנָה כָעָשׁ בֵּיתוֹ;    וּכְסֻכָּה, עָשָׂה נֹצֵר. 18 He buildeth his house as a moth, and as a booth which the keeper maketh.
יט  עָשִׁיר יִשְׁכַּב, וְלֹא יֵאָסֵף;    עֵינָיו פָּקַח וְאֵינֶנּוּ. 19 He lieth down rich, but there shall be nought to gather; he openeth his eyes, and his wealth is not.
כ  תַּשִּׂיגֵהוּ כַמַּיִם, בַּלָּהוֹת;    לַיְלָה, גְּנָבַתּוּ סוּפָה. 20 Terrors overtake him like waters; a tempest stealeth him away in the night.
כא  יִשָּׂאֵהוּ קָדִים וְיֵלַךְ;    וִישָׂעֲרֵהוּ, מִמְּקֹמוֹ. 21 The east wind carrieth him away, and he departeth; and it sweepeth him out of his place.
כב  וְיַשְׁלֵךְ עָלָיו, וְלֹא יַחְמֹל;    מִיָּדוֹ, בָּרוֹחַ יִבְרָח. 22 Yea, it hurleth at him, and spareth not; he would fain flee from its power.
כג  יִשְׂפֹּק עָלֵימוֹ כַפֵּימוֹ;    וְיִשְׁרֹק עָלָיו, מִמְּקֹמוֹ. 23 Men shall clap their hands at him, and shall hiss him out of his place.