Proverbs Chapter 22 מִשְׁלֵי

א  נִבְחָר שֵׁם, מֵעֹשֶׁר רָב:    מִכֶּסֶף וּמִזָּהָב, חֵן טוֹב. 1 A good name is rather to be chosen than great riches, and loving favour rather than silver and gold.
ב  עָשִׁיר וָרָשׁ נִפְגָּשׁוּ;    עֹשֵׂה כֻלָּם יְהוָה. 2 The rich and the poor meet together--the LORD is the maker of them all.
ג  עָרוּם, רָאָה רָעָה ויסתר וְנִסְתָּר;    וּפְתָיִים, עָבְרוּ וְנֶעֱנָשׁוּ. 3 A prudent man seeth the evil, and hideth himself; but the thoughtless pass on, and are punished.
ד  עֵקֶב עֲנָוָה, יִרְאַת יְהוָה;    עֹשֶׁר וְכָבוֹד וְחַיִּים. 4 The reward of humility is the fear of the LORD, even riches, and honour, and life.
ה  צִנִּים פַּחִים, בְּדֶרֶךְ עִקֵּשׁ;    שׁוֹמֵר נַפְשׁוֹ, יִרְחַק מֵהֶם. 5 Thorns and snares are in the way of the froward; he that keepeth his soul holdeth himself far from them.
ו  חֲנֹךְ לַנַּעַר, עַל-פִּי דַרְכּוֹ--    גַּם כִּי-יַזְקִין, לֹא-יָסוּר מִמֶּנָּה. 6 Train up a child in the way he should go, and even when he is old, he will not depart from it.
ז  עָשִׁיר, בְּרָשִׁים יִמְשׁוֹל;    וְעֶבֶד לֹוֶה, לְאִישׁ מַלְוֶה. 7 The rich ruleth over the poor, and the borrower is servant to the lender.
ח  זוֹרֵעַ עַוְלָה, יקצור- יִקְצָר- אָוֶן;    וְשֵׁבֶט עֶבְרָתוֹ יִכְלֶה. 8 He that soweth iniquity shall reap vanity; and the rod of his wrath shall fail.
ט  טוֹב-עַיִן, הוּא יְבֹרָךְ:    כִּי-נָתַן מִלַּחְמוֹ לַדָּל. 9 He that hath a bountiful eye shall be blessed; for he giveth of his bread to the poor.
י  גָּרֵשׁ לֵץ, וְיֵצֵא מָדוֹן;    וְיִשְׁבֹּת, דִּין וְקָלוֹן. 10 Cast out the scorner, and contention will go out; yea, strife and shame will cease.
יא  אֹהֵב טהור- טְהָר- לֵב--    חֵן שְׂפָתָיו, רֵעֵהוּ מֶלֶךְ. 11 He that loveth pureness of heart, that hath grace in his lips, the king shall be his friend.
יב  עֵינֵי יְהוָה, נָצְרוּ דָעַת;    וַיְסַלֵּף, דִּבְרֵי בֹגֵד. 12 The eyes of the LORD preserve him that hath knowledge, but He overthroweth the words of the faithless man.
יג  אָמַר עָצֵל, אֲרִי בַחוּץ;    בְּתוֹךְ רְחֹבוֹת, אֵרָצֵחַ. 13 The sluggard saith: 'There is a lion without; I shall be slain in the streets.'
יד  שׁוּחָה עֲמֻקָּה, פִּי זָרוֹת;    זְעוּם יְהוָה, יפול- יִפָּל- שָׁם. 14 The mouth of strange women is a deep pit: he that is abhorred of the LORD shall fall therein.
טו  אִוֶּלֶת, קְשׁוּרָה בְלֶב-נָעַר;    שֵׁבֶט מוּסָר, יַרְחִיקֶנָּה מִמֶּנּוּ. 15 Foolishness is bound up in the heart of a child; but the rod of correction shall drive it far from him.
טז  עֹשֵׁק דָּל, לְהַרְבּוֹת לוֹ--    נֹתֵן לְעָשִׁיר, אַךְ-לְמַחְסוֹר. 16 One may oppress the poor, yet will their gain increase; one may give to the rich, yet will want come.
יז  הַט אָזְנְךָ--וּשְׁמַע, דִּבְרֵי חֲכָמִים;    וְלִבְּךָ, תָּשִׁית לְדַעְתִּי. 17 Incline thine ear, and hear the words of the wise, and apply thy heart unto my knowledge.
יח  כִּי-נָעִים, כִּי-תִשְׁמְרֵם בְּבִטְנֶךָ;    יִכֹּנוּ יַחְדָּו, עַל-שְׂפָתֶיךָ. 18 For it is a pleasant thing if thou keep them within thee; let them be established altogether upon thy lips.
יט  לִהְיוֹת בַּיהוָה, מִבְטַחֶךָ--    הוֹדַעְתִּיךָ הַיּוֹם אַף-אָתָּה. 19 That thy trust may be in the LORD, I have made them known to thee this day, even to thee.
כ  הֲלֹא כָתַבְתִּי לְךָ, שלשום שָׁלִשִׁים--    בְּמֹעֵצוֹת וָדָעַת. 20 Have not I written unto thee excellent things of counsels and knowledge;
כא  לְהוֹדִיעֲךָ--קֹשְׁטְ, אִמְרֵי אֱמֶת;    לְהָשִׁיב אֲמָרִים אֱמֶת, לְשֹׁלְחֶיךָ. 21 That I might make thee know the certainty of the words of truth, that thou mightest bring back words of truth to them that send thee?
כב  אַל-תִּגְזָל-דָּל, כִּי דַל-הוּא;    וְאַל-תְּדַכֵּא עָנִי בַשָּׁעַר. 22 Rob not the weak, because he is weak, neither crush the poor in the gate;
כג  כִּי-יְהוָה, יָרִיב רִיבָם;    וְקָבַע אֶת-קֹבְעֵיהֶם נָפֶשׁ. 23 For the LORD will plead their cause, and despoil of life those that despoil them.
כד  אַל-תִּתְרַע, אֶת-בַּעַל אָף;    וְאֶת-אִישׁ חֵמוֹת, לֹא תָבוֹא. 24 Make no friendship with a man that is given to anger; and with a wrathful man thou shalt not go;
כה  פֶּן-תֶּאֱלַף אֹרְחֹתָו;    וְלָקַחְתָּ מוֹקֵשׁ לְנַפְשֶׁךָ. 25 Lest thou learn his ways, and get a snare to thy soul.
כו  אַל-תְּהִי בְתֹקְעֵי-כָף;    בַּעֹרְבִים, מַשָּׁאוֹת. 26 Be thou not of them that strike hands, or of them that are sureties for debts;
כז  אִם-אֵין-לְךָ לְשַׁלֵּם--    לָמָּה יִקַּח מִשְׁכָּבְךָ, מִתַּחְתֶּיךָ. 27 If thou hast not wherewith to pay, why should he take away thy bed from under thee?
כח  אַל-תַּסֵּג, גְּבוּל עוֹלָם--    אֲשֶׁר עָשׂוּ אֲבוֹתֶיךָ. 28 Remove not the ancient landmark, which thy fathers have set.
כט  חָזִיתָ אִישׁ, מָהִיר בִּמְלַאכְתּוֹ--    לִפְנֵי-מְלָכִים יִתְיַצָּב;
בַּל-יִתְיַצֵּב,    לִפְנֵי חֲשֻׁכִּים.
29 Seest thou a man diligent in his business? he shall stand before kings; {N}
he shall not stand before mean men. {P}